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Step 1: Get Power Lead System.


Step 2: Buy Domain Name in PLS

TIP: 1) Easy to Spell 2) Easy to Remember

Step 3: Add Your Affiliate Links to System
"Companies You Promote" Section:
1. CryptoFundRaiser Affiliate Link
2. Facebook Link
3. PLS Order Page Link

Step 4: Install Share Code
SHARE CODE: 344762-crowdfunding

Step 5: Link Domain to Funnel
Link Funnel to Your Main Domain or a Subdomain of your choice.

Step 6: Get Traffic
Easy, High Quality Traffic Direct to Your LEAD CAPTURE PAGE LINK.

Step 7: Plug Into Training
1) Simple Freedom Mastermind Facebook Group (Daily Updates)
2) Simple Freedom Blog (Visit for Daily Training)
3) Simple Freedom YouTube (SUBSCRIBE: Daily Video Coaching)
4) CryptoFundRaiser Facebook Group (Daily coaching & crypto updates)



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